Engineering Projects in Community Service

Vardhaman College of Engineering signed MoU with Purdue University to teach EPICS courses at Vardhaman in November 2023. Vardhaman College of Engineering has been following EPICS curriculum from 2015. The EPICS courses are offered as a part of the collaboration between Vardhaman College of Engineering and Purdue University. EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) is a unique program that allows teams of undergraduate students to design, build, and deploy real systems to solve engineering problems for local community service and educational organizations.

VCE - Engineering Projects in community Services Viable Innovative Solutions for community needs at Vardhaman is one of the best practices in Vardhaman Campus.The programme focuses on identifying the needs of the society and providing a viable and sustainable solution.

Milestones in the Journey of EPICS at Vardhaman

  • To meet the vision of the college to address the societal issues and to make the students socially responsible.
  • To provide aa viable solution for the problems identified in the community partner.
  • As a part of pilot programme from 2014 to 2016 initially students paidpaid community visits, identified the problem statement andeddefined the solution in the form of prototyping.
  • From 2017 the implementation phase has started and as a part of it four different projects and processes have been successfully completed. All together there were 29 projects taken up of which, ten projects were successfully completed and Six wewere adopted by the government sectors and remaining eight are in the implementation phase.


Various EPICS Events at Vardhaman


Collaborations and Community Partners